Tsejin’s Service Learning Experience

This year, the class of 2016 participated in a service learning project where we partnered up with the Kisyoro school, located in Uganda. In order to raise money to send a girl to secondary school, we held many bake sales, in which many of the ninth graders took a part in, whether manning the table or baking homemade goods for the table. After watching the documentary, I really got to thinking how lucky we all are to have easy access to education. I felt that everyday I was complaining about having so much homework, and many of us just want to get good jobs for the salary; however,  girls around the world in places that don’t offer easy access to education are willing to do anything to receive education, to receive homework, and many girls want to become doctors and nurses to help their villages, not for the money. While some of the stories in the film were very sad to watch, I realized that just tearing up and telling everybody how sad I felt was not going to help. Spreading the word about this film, and just trying to do whatever I can do to help these girls receive the education they so deserve was a start. The next day during a part of history class, our class counted the money, and reached a total of 1,799.26 dollars. As a classmate and I informed the class of the total, another classmate offered a dollar thus reaching our goal. It was a brief, but emotional moment not only for us, but for a girl somewhere in Uganda who soon finds out that she can go to school.

2 thoughts on “Tsejin’s Service Learning Experience

  1. Tsejin,
    I loved reading, “tearing up and telling everybody how sad I felt was not going to help.” At Friends, while we work hard to try to raise awareness of world issues, we recognize it’s important not to stop there. Taking action is an important nextstep. This was a grteat initiative this year. I was glad to be a part of it with your teachers and grade.

  2. Dear Tsejin,

    Although I’m embarrassed it’s taken me this long to find my way into the blog and your post, I’m no less thrilled by the project and results you’re reporting, not to mention by the sincerity and emotion with which you wrote — and clearly devoted to the project itself. Fantastic work! And no wonder you’re basically almost finished with this year’s service requirement, as service seems to be just part of who you are and what you do…

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