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This year in History class we learned about and researched the Millenium Development Goals, and some projects that were aimed at working to meet these goals. We partnered with a school in Kisyoro, a town that is part of the Millennium Villages Project, and we communicated with some of the students there. We shared pictures of the neighborhood with them, and they sent some interesting pictures of their village back. It was very interesting to see their village and hear about some initiatives. The girls that we communicated with sent a picture of a health center that was aimed at reducing child mortality.

As part of this project we, as a grade, helped raise money to pay for a scholarship to send a girl to the school we were collaborating with. We had two bake sales and we screened Girl Rising, a documentary focusing on a few girls in developing counties and their struggles in order to raise money, and we all helped out in some way. I think this part of the project made the project as a whole much more meaningful because we got to help the initiative we had been learning about and make a difference. In the end we raised more than enough money for a scholarship which was very exciting and rewarding.mdg

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