Nell’s Service Reflection

my neighbours house

This year in History class we studied the Millennium Development goals, eight goals to be completed by the UN by 2015 ranging from global primary education to environmental sustainability. After researching specific goals, we communicated with the Kisyoro School in Uganda, located in a Millennium Village. We sent the students voice threads of our school and engaged in online dialogues about the various MDGs. We were also able to screen a new documentary in the meetinghouse called Girl Rising. This film discussed the benefits of educating girls throughout the world. All proceeds from this event went to a scholarship for a student to attend the Kisyoro School for 3 years. The 9th grade held two bake sales prior to the screening as well. In total we were able to raise almost enough money for two students to attend the school. I really enjoyed participating in this project and found it to be very informative as well as enjoyable. Actually talking with other kids aided by the UN’s program helped put the effects of the MDGs into a new perspective. I was really grateful to learn about this project as well as help to make a difference in another student’s life.

To learn more about the Millennium Development Goals visit the UN’s website at:

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