Dylan Pryor’s Service Reflection

For my service in school this year, I was a peer tutor for ninth graders in Physics.  I was assigned to the student through the academic center who, besides being a quiet place to work and get help from other teachers, is responsable for assigning a peer tutor to any student who feels that they need help in any subject.  I also worked with Ms. Witt to plan what I should work on with the student I was tutoring.

I, personally, do not like to seek out help very often, but am glad to offer help to anyone who needs it.  Through working as a peer tutor, I was able to see one student go from not doing very well in the beginning of Physics to obtaining high grades in the class throughout the entire year.  Seeing this student succeed in Physics like he did made me very happy.  Not only was he happy that he was getting good grades, but I was also happy because I saw my work pay off and saw how happy he was.  At first, this student was not interested in having a peer tutor to help him, however he started to like it more and more as he saw how it was helping him.  This showed me that even though I may not like seeking out help for subjects and other things that I need extra help in, it will help in the end.  Through this experience, I have become a lot more willing to help others when they need it, because it is so rewarding to see them succeed.  Although I do not believe I did as much as I could have done to help him, I did try as hard as I could and am pleased with the outcome.

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