Erika’s Service Reflection

I volunteered at God’s Love We Deliver.  I was there for six hours on a Saturday.  They were having us chop a lot of vegetables and my hands started to hurt a lot.  Even though part of me just wanted to go home with still time left before the shift I signed up for was over, I remembered all the amazing work that the volunteers do that help so many people, who are in real pain.  I found the experience very rewarding in the end.  Although I didn’t fully enjoy my time doing the service, I began to remember this short video that they showed us as an introduction to the work we were going to do and the people  we were going to help.  I thought about something that they said, which was, that even though they could just get a machine to chop the vegetables, they have people do it by hand to bring love to the food.  And in the end, I found the service rewarding.

One thought on “Erika’s Service Reflection

  1. I appreciate your honesty and the fact that you connected with their message about “bringing love to the food”. Volunteers are so much a part of what GLWD is all about.

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