Ben Irving’s Service Reflection

The community service that I completed this year was personally heart-warming to know what kinds of things my service effected.  My job was to take two bolts and two screws from two huge sacks of them and place them into a small bag.  Once I had fifty of those bags, I placed them into a large bag and continued my work.  I was working for Getting Tools to City Schools, an outreach organization that did what it’s title entailed.  The bolts and screws that I was sorting were for binders that this organization was making to give out to kids in need of school supplies.  Although my community service was completed at home, and less social, the service was very fulfilling in that kids who can’t afford these materials can now have a binder or a backpack etc.  I have always been able to have these materials and it is sad that so many cannot.  I completed 100 large bags of these little bags, and was rewarded with 20 hours of community service, but since my work was so spread out, and since the work was for such a meaningful cause, I did not feel like it was work at all, and it became somewhat of a hobby.  I hope these kids can now have a better education now that Getting Tools to City Schools is providing them with valuable materials for their education.

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