Chuma’s Service Reflection

One of the service opportunities I participated in this year was helping out with the school’s mentoring program for the Lower and Middle Schoolers. I helped Cynthia as a chaperone on the trip to Chelsea Piers’ bowling alley and I was able to interact with the younger kids who were on the trip. The reason why I signed up for the opportunity is because I really support the mentoring program at Friends. I think it is a great learning experience for both the mentor as well as the child being mentored. The mentor learns how to exhibit their leadership skills and how to interact and speak to those younger than their individual selves. The child observing and learning from their mentor(s) gain invaluable skills just from being in the presence of someone older than them. This also includes leadership skills, as well as any “tips” or information their mentor(s) may give them when it comes to school and/or life in general. It also creates relationships that probably were not very likely to start due to the different ages. From being a chaperone on this trip, I got from it good memories and new friends. Hopefully, the younger party feels the same way.

One thought on “Chuma’s Service Reflection

  1. Thanks so much for your interest and enthusiasm this year with the Diversity Mentoring Program. I am looking forward to working with you more next year!

    Have a great summer, Cynthia

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