Jamie’s Service Reflection

For the four productions and two dress rehearsals of Once On This Island I operated the spotlight from the lighting booth with David Perry and the light/sound crew from the Vineyard. Being behind the scenes of a school production was a really interesting experience; I didn’t fully realize the amount of work that goes into our school’s plays and recitals until I was a part of the crew, and not a performer. I enjoyed being a part of the tech crew behind the show because I enjoy live theater, and this was a great way to have some fun while also earning service hours. By the end of the four performances I knew most of the lines by heart.

It was nice to be a part of Jennifer Hayes’s last show at Friends, and to witness the procession that followed the final performance of the musical. I even got a flower. I also enjoyed hanging out with the cast backstage in between performances, because they were quite a raucous bunch. I will undoubtedly do the same job for next year’s musical.

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