Matt’s Service Reflection

For my in-school community service requirement I served as a peer-tutor working in the Academic Center. My initial priority was to focus on 9th grade geometry with my peer-tutee, however this shifted to all his courses, English, Spanish, History, and Physics. We coordinated to meet every Thursday 1st period with our first session conducted in October and our last in June. For the majority of our 45 minute periods we would work collectively on his homework while going over areas of the subject that were difficult. In many cases I would give practice problems for him to try on his own. In some instances we would spend the majority of the meeting preparing for an upcoming quiz or test.

I spent 45 minutes every week with my peer-tutee for 7 months, and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Not only was I able to help someone excel further in school, but I was also able to make a new friend. It is also a great feeling to see someone improve their ability as a student, and seeing your own impact on the student is fantastic. Our sessions were also quite entertaining while holding a level of seriousness. Jokes were tossed around here and there however, and the moments before and after our meetings were usually good times for bonding as friends. Serving as a peer-tutor was a very rewarding experience, and one I will  always cherish. I hope to continue my role as a peer-tutor in further years to further my impact on others and to continue to give back to the community.

-Matt Bialosky

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