Rick’s Summer Service with the Friends’ Shelter and God’s Love We Deliver

student  dinner for Friends Shelter

This Summer, in a goal to assist in combating New York City hunger and poverty, I worked with two organizations on a few separate occasions.  On two days I worked with God’s Love We Deliver, whose mission is to transport food to unfortunate individuals who are unable to acquire it on their own. Throughout these two days I met many different people, with many different ages, all quite amiable and grateful.  One was a nice French Man whose intercom system wasn’t working so he had to walk down several flights of stairs to greet us.  Despite the inconvenience, he couldn’t have been friendlier and gladly accepted the meal. Another was a man who had been with the organization for sixteen years and lived in a building with an elegant courtyard where a pond of turtles was present in the center.  With every single person I delivered to, each one had a warm face and an expression of gratitude whenever I greeted them.  My experience with this organization brings to light the vast amount of happiness that can accompany an action as simple as a merely bringing someone a bite to eat.  In addition, many of these individuals’ apartments were located in gloomy, dated buildings.  The glee that I was met by with each person illustrates that one does not need to live a baronial lifestyle in order to be happy and content in life.

I also served with the Friends’ Shelter, an organization which provides a place to sleep and an evening meal for the homeless.  On each of the three days I served, I cooked (with my mother and house keeper) a vegetable, a main course, and a desert.   We always baked a 3-4 layer lasagna, as this was the recommended food and could easily serve however many people were going to turn up.  We cooked broccoli twice and asparagus once, each with garlic, salt, and other seasonings added.  For desert, we prepared a chocolate cake with vanilla icing twice and brownies once.  We then delivered the food to the shelter (also known as the common room) where 10-12 made up beds were set up for anyone who wished to spend the night.The only people present at the time were the individuals who volunteered to stay for the night and make sure everything went as planned.  The individuals who used the facility would appear later in the night.  They were very thankful to receive the meal and wished us a goodnight.

This summer I feel as if I have contributed in combating the issue of city-wide hunger and have gained a newfound comprehension of how to make an impact.  I now also understand that small acts of kindness can go a long way in benefiting someone’s life.  With this knowledge I have the ability to continue to make strides in assisting to resolve the problem of hunger not just within the community but on a global scale as well. I encourage others to sign up and bring a meal to the Friends Shelter. Sign up HERE.

3 thoughts on “Rick’s Summer Service with the Friends’ Shelter and God’s Love We Deliver

  1. Richard,
    I’m glad you have extended your service from this year into the summer and that you have chosen to continue to work with the Friends shelter and GLWD- two organizations our school supports. I think you’d enjoy meeting some of the shelter guests and even staying for a meal. The next time I volunteer overnight, I’ll let you know. These men and women arrive from the Main Chance Drop-In Center tired and I wish you could see their faces when they realize they will have a home-cooked meal that evening instead of cold cuts. LOVE the photo of the Chef Extrordinaire!

  2. Rick, I was impressed with you reflection on the work you did this summer. I am glad that the experience taught you that even small acts of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life. A lesson I myself learned after working with children with disabilities when I was in college.

  3. Rick, Leitzel shared your blog with me. I thank you for this kind of service to our community, especially with two organizations with whom the School is so connected. I know your cooking meant a great deal to all. (It all sounds delicious!)
    Keep up the great work.

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