Sabrina’s Summer of Service

This summer I worked at Sheridan Fencing Academy. They run camps for all ages during the summer as well as regular classes. I worked at the camp. I assisted the main coach by helping the kids with their technique and making corrections, helping to make sure all the kids were safe, refereeing the kids during competitions and games, as well as answering the phones.

For Friends the Testimony of equality begins with the belief that the Light is present in us all. All are deserving of respect, no matter what our differences. When we respect the Light in ourselves and others, we encourage all to turn inward for guidance and truth. -Friends Seminary Faith and Practice Handbook. This idea of light really spoke to me during my service experience.

One of my greatest struggles while volunteering, was trying to remain patient and not get angry at the kids. The majority of the kids were young boys whose ages ranged from 6-12. Often times the older boys would stick together and purposely leave the younger boys out. In addition, the younger boys would often not listen and sometimes could not follow basic safety instructions, endangering themselves and others. However, while getting to know everyone I found things that I liked about each of them. This helped me be able to teach them and not get frustrated with them. When I found something I liked about the student or found out something that would make me able to teach them better, I felt that I was finding their light and because of that I was able to do my job better and they enjoyed fencing more. For example, there was one boy who had fenced before and he was not listening to our instructions because he thought he knew everything about fencing. He complained a lot and would not do anything we said. However, after a few days he started asking questions about what he could do better and he started applying them. While he still believed that he was an amazing fencer, him asking a question made me respect and find the light in him. Although sometimes it was difficult to find the light and it took a lot of work, it is an extremely important thing to do when doing anything, not just service. This is because it can help you look at the world differently and open up your mind. It might take some digging, but in almost everyone you can find their light.


3 thoughts on “Sabrina’s Summer of Service

  1. What a cool experience. I am proud of you for taking time to listen and try to get to know the students. I am certain they will remember you fondly.

  2. What a fantastic experience, Sabrina! Your reflections about the challenges of teaching and about seeking the light in each of your students are things that I try to remind myself every day. It sounds like you really put the hard work in to get to know these kids and to help them improve. Did you fence as a child? Do you still? I find fencing fascinating to watch, even though I have no idea how it works! 🙂

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