Michael’s Experience with ParksNYC at Chelsea Park-9/11 Day of Service

The Class of 2017 spent Sunday volunteering as a way to honor all those who served  during 9-11.

This was a really enriching experience for me.  At this event, over 70 parents and students gathered to help out. I got to plant some shrubs with some of my classmates, and had a great time. I was still a new kid, then, and meeting my classmates outside of class helped me meet a lot more people and learn some more names. Everyone was extremely eager to help out, and I feel happy to be a part of such an amazing community of students at Friends. I cannot wait to go back and see the difference that I have made when they are all grown up.




2 thoughts on “Michael’s Experience with ParksNYC at Chelsea Park-9/11 Day of Service

  1. Hi Michael,

    I’m so glad that you had such an enjoyable time planting shrubs with your new classmates. It is awe inspiring to see the visible and tangible change that can take place in such a short period of time when large groups of people mobilize together. It is also wonderful to experience the more gradual growth and change, like you will have the chance to see with your newly planted shrubs. Welcome to Friends!

  2. Michael, Thank you for working in the park! I always gravitate to parks and green spaces wherever I am in the city, and I can’t imagine NYC without our precious places where people can enjoy nature. It’s so important for us all to support these spaces however we can–and you gave the most important kind of support in the form of muscle power!

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