UN Conference on Human Rights

This past December, I attended the United Nations Conference on Human Rights with 15 other Friends students and others from schools across the nation, and even some schools in other countries.

During the conference, we explored many different human rights issues, such as girls’ education, environmental sustainability, and child mortality. The conference provided each of the students in attendance with a greater knowledge of human rights issues and how the UN and organizations such as Amnesty International work to eradicate these problems. After being supplied with a solid foundation of knowledge regarding these issues, we broke up into focused groups to work on proposals.


I believe that educating students on human rights issues that face the world today is extremely important because we are capable of being active catalysts for change in our community and in the world if given the tools to succeed.

This conference allowed me to explore my interest in the human rights issue of girls’ education and to collaborate with others who share similar interests and goals.

One thought on “UN Conference on Human Rights

  1. I was glad that Friends Seminary was able to serve as a co-sponsor of this event. It’s nice to hear from the student participants about how they valued this experience.

    I too think it’s important for our students to have opportunities to meet peers from around the world who share similar social concerns. Collaborate, Communicate and Create were the 3 C’s of the conference! Thanks for your work on the gender equality/girls access to education campaign. A passion that has continued to be a passion of yours ever since we worked together on the 9th garde Girl Rising screening.

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