Zara’s Experience at the UN


This December I went to the United Nations Student Conference on Human Rights.  It is a international student conference (this year included New York, Wyoming, France, Canada, and Mexico). Students get together and come up with campaigns for human rights issues.  The first day consisted of presentations on different human rights issues made by the students.  I made a presentation on human trafficking with Morgan Carmen.  The second day we were split into sub groups to create campaign plans to help combat our respective issues, and the third day we presented these campaigns to real human rights activists who then critiqued them.

It was an amazing experience that allowed me not only to meet new people but also to learn how I could make a difference.  Creating our campaign was fun, and it was interesting to see how different ideas combined to overcome the obstacles.  I spoke in front of the entire conference on all three days, and there were a lot of people there.  This helped me improve my public speaking and presentation skills.

I learned a lot about different human rights issues.  Human trafficking was my main focus, and I had never realized how much of an issue it is.  It is just a disguised form of modern day slavery that exists all over the world, including America.  I also learned about other issues through other people’s presentations such as women’s rights and freedom of speech for all.

Getting to collaborate with different people with different opinions was an interesting experience that helped to broaden my views on issues.  Overall, it was an incredible experience which I would love to do again.


3 thoughts on “Zara’s Experience at the UN

  1. Zara,

    From your opening day presentation to your final campaign pitch, I was impressed by the effort and ideas you put forward. It is indeed a pleasure to get to work with students like you.

    I too was excited by the opportunity this conference afforded students to collaborate with their peers and experts in the field. There were some pretty awesome speakers and panelists with whom we got to interact. I also agree with the importance of experiences to practice public speaking. You have great leadership skills. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Zara,

    I am glad you gained so much from your experience at the conference! I loved seeing you take advantage of the rare opportunity to collaborate with students from different school and work with your group to come up with a campaign. Throughout the day that I was there, I thought you handled yourself with professionalism and a serious of purpose, and I admire you for both!

    Great work!

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