Brock’s Service Reflection

A couple of month’s ago I partook in the Martin Luther King Jazz Concert. The MLK Jazz Concert is a performance that aims to help the Friends Shelter. The concert has been around for at least twenty years and is basically run by Bob Rosen. The concert was a great success. There’s nothing like playing music for a good cause! Jazz 1 opened the show with a few tunes. We played well and got to talk to a few of the experienced players. After us, the Meeting House Big Band performed and they were truly amazing! It was great to see Bob playing. I was very glad to help out in preventing homelessness. It really sucks to see people without homes on the street. It’s great that Friend’s does their share in aiding this cause by providing fourteen warm bed’s.

One thought on “Brock’s Service Reflection

  1. Brock, I appreciate reading about your participation in the MLK Jazz concert and how it was rewarding in more than “just” musical ways! What instrument do you play? I know I have seen you perform in concerts before, although I was not in attendance at this one. Next time you are in the library, please stop by and tell me more about your musical work.

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