Marguerite’s Service Reflection

I have participated in project cicero almost every year since I was a freshman. Project Cicero is an annual non-profit book drive designed to create school libraries for under-resourced New York City public schools. Project Cicero began in 2011 and has distributed over 1,800,000 gently used books to 10,000 New York City classrooms and libraries, reaching an estimated 400,000 students. Over 1,000 teachers come to select books at the event in early March every year. Project Cicero is also a partnership of New York City parent and student volunteers, The New York Society Library, Vornado Realty Trust, and The New York Post.

Saturday and Sunday I arrived at the Hotel Pennsylvania (where the even is held) and helped organize thousands of books for the incoming teachers. Even though the entire area was filled with tons of volunteers chaotically shuffling around to set the books in the right area, I found the task to be rather relaxing and fun. I enjoy organizing and cleaning, so setting up the books for the teachers was not a difficult task. Once we were done, tons of teachers rushed in with giant suitcases that would be soon be filled with books for their students. After the teachers were finished filling their bags to the brim, we opened up more boxes of books and started the same thing all over again. I have always liked participating in project cicero because books are being reused for a good cause. All I need to do is organize and set them up for the students at under-resourced schools to receive the materials they need and deserve.

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  1. Marguerite, I always appreciate seeing students who commit to a particular event or project over a period of years. Having participated in some similar events, I know how much bending and lifting is involved! Project Cicero is a “learning lifeline” for so many teachers and children. I love that you got to see the teachers running in with the big suitcases. Brava for your work on this event!

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