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Over the course of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative project I grew to realize how important early childhood is and how much it affects the New York City community. When my group originally decided to chose the Children’s Aid Society as our non-profit we had not yet singled in on the issue of early education. When we finally decided to focus on early education and family support, I had not yet understood the real impacts that a lack of early education and family support had on our community. After delving further into the issue we really narrowed our focus to early childhood education and we began to realize the difference between the futures of children with and without a proper education. This issue affects hundreds of young New Yorkers every year. When certain children are not given a good education they make bad choices. They do drugs, deal drugs, commit felonies, and when they are not taught about proper methods of contraception, the result is teen pregnancy. Most people who lack education are also not given well paying jobs which contributes to the cycle of poverty when those people have children and their children are given an inadequate education as a result of the money their parents lack. After learning the effects and prevalence of insufficient education, I began to recognize the true weight of the issue and the importance of proper schooling at an early age.

Throughout the process of this project the most challenging aspect would be finding a way to portray the true relevance of our chosen social issue. Through researching, finding statistics, information, and through our site visit, my group and I learned and felt how truly important early childhood education is to our community. However, it was difficult to express this to our classmates through a Google Docs presentation. Especially when introducing this issue to a group that is not naturally exposed to a lack of early childhood education. Going to a school like Friends, one can recognize the effects of issues like lack of childhood education, but one does not always register or think of the obstacle that this issue stems from. The most challenging aspect was trying to convey the gravity of our issue on a daily basis in the New York City community.

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