Jared’s Service Reflection

YPI Reflection

The social issue my group and I chose was youth education in New York City. We chose this issue because we had a few common values, which were personal growth, family, and opportunity. We felt that all of these values reflect some aspect that education affects a child. With these values in mind the organization we chose was the GO Project. The GO Project is a non-profit organization that provides year round educational and family support for elementary and middle school students that are performing under grade level. The GO Project has educators and social workers that help the students gain the confidence that they need to improve their learning skills.  The GO Project serves 550 students from 30 public schools throughout Lower Manhattan and Chelsea. They service the students in 4 private schools in Lower Manhattan with their headquarters in the Grace Church School.


When we first discussed the idea of doing an organization that deals with youth education I questioned that wouldn’t the solution be simple. But when I researched what the GO Project does and how they work focus on the needs of every individual kid, it showed me that it wasn’t just about helping them get smarter. It was about instilling the confidence in the kids that they could become better students. I also learned that it was not only the academic aspect that would affect the child’s learning ability. The parents of these struggling children would be unaware of how to help their child. The GO Project would work with the families of the children to improve their awareness and abilities to have their child succeed in improving their educational skills. The way I could most effectively stay engaged with the GO Project would to join their summer program and become a volunteer. That way I would personally help improve the skills of a student in need of help.


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