Nicolette Schneiderman’s YPI Experience

Nicolette Schneiderman

May 8, 2014


I had the pleasure of working with an organization that deals with education. The GO Project works with struggling elementary and middle school students from the downtown New York City area. They specifically target students who are in trouble of failing that have been pointed out by the staff of the schools they work with. The GO Project is affiliated with a few different schools (such as Friends Seminary and Grace Church) that allow The GO Project to use their school space to tutor the students coming for help.

Working with The GO Project was a very interesting and somewhat surprising experience. During my time working with a class of fourth graders, I found myself surprised with how they acted and functioned. They all enjoyed working with their teachers and classmates and seemed to be very close to one another. While speaking to the students, I heard many different kinds of stories and feelings. The subjects ranged from art to bullying, and it struck me that these kids were so surprisingly normal. Even though they were in so much academic trouble and seemed to have so many problems on their plates, these children were no different than any other kid I had come across. They loved having fun and playing pranks and being accepted. They all wanted to get better in school and they all trusted that The GO Project would help them. To me, the Go Project struck me as not only allowing kids the chance of a better education, but also as a place of hope and encouraged dreams. I am extremely grateful that I was given the chance to work with such a wonderful organization, and I wish to continue helping these students fulfill their life goals.

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