Tessa’s Service Learning Reflection

For my service project, three of the other students in my history class and I decided to research, visit, and attempt to win a $5000 grant for a non-profit organization called DreamYard. DreamYard grants underprivileged youth in the Bronx a safe place where they can be free to express themselves through many different mediums of art. When researching the lack of access to the arts across New York City, we realized how privileged we were and how much we took the arts for granted. Visiting DreamYard and being able to see how it positively affected the lives of hundreds of kids each day made us see how important the arts really are. Over the course of the project, I worked on and improved my public speaking skills. I am normally very scared while speaking in front of big crowds so, while nerveracking, standing in front of my classmates ultimately helped me get over my fear.

The most rewarding thing for me about the whole project was visiting the art center and actually speaking to some of the students. We asked a couple of the how DreamYard positively impacted their everyday lives and seeing how well-spoken and how truly passionate they were about DreamYard made me praise the organization even more. In the future, I hope to volunteer at DreamYard to help with an art class or rebuild a park. I will talk more to board member of the organization, Abby Turk, about how to get more involved, as I definitely want to stay connected to DreamYard.


I worked alone.



Anansi-the-Spider-Bronx-Acting-Ensemble-150x150 Girl-Please-Lequaysia-Pickett-150x150


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