YPI Reflection – Jane Barker

Linus Kern

Jamie Lieberman

World History

8 May 2014

YPI Reflection

            The social issue I researched was child abuse, and the non-profit my group chose was the Jane Barker Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center. My attitude towards the social issue changed incredibly over the course of completing my project. I learned how strongly child abuse can be responsible for many other issues, such as drug abuse, and a cycle of abuse from child to child. I also realized the overwhelming amount of people who suffer from child abuse, a number I thought was far less than it actually is. By the time our YPI project was completed, I had also been strongly affected by a personal story told to me by a volunteer of the Jane Barker Advocacy Center, which detailed the life of one particular victim who was helped by Jane Barker.

I found the most rewarding aspect of the project was the knowledge that the Jane Barker Brooklyn Child Advocacy Center is one of the hardest working centers to end child abuse, and has a unique approach to dealing with children that works more effectively than other methods. I was also rewarded by knowing that the work completed by our group working with this non-profit was work that went to helping children who have been psychically or sexually abused, and that our work made an impact on people who can also try to help those who have been abused.


I worked alone.

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