Aminah’s Service Reflection

               Our social issue for the YPI project was helping children in poverty. After researching, my group discovered that there has been a significant increase of children living in poverty in NYC. The Association to Benefit Children (ABC)  is a program mainly located on the upper east side, which provides help for families in poverty. ABC has a variety of programs from teaching languages to providing housing for families with Aids. ABC also has many preschools that incorporate games and music into their lessons to make it fun for the children. Most of the workers are volunteers including people who attended their schools as children. I was happy to be able to learn about ABC.

              The hardest part of the project for me was the presentation. Because we visited ABC, its hard for the judges and our peers to really understand what the experience felt like. It was also hard to choose what to say about each slide to explain the organization clearly. We also struggled with choosing what information we wanted to share the most in the limited time of ten minutes. My favorite part of the project was our site visit. I loved learning about ABC, but it was even better to physically see how much help there is for the children if they need it. One way that I can  stay engaged with ABC is by volunteering at their Open door program on Saturdays. Every Saturday, anyone is allowed into their building to play games, learn languages, and receive food if in need. I really enjoyed this project because it really opened my eyes in a good way and made me realize how much help is available for anyone in need.

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  1. Aminah, I appreciate this description of your involvement with ABC. You describe both the fun and the challenging aspects of this very clearly. Collaboration, presentations, and construction of a message—these are all immensely complex skills and I love that our students are grappling with them. I have no doubt that you made an excellent presentation. The ABC organization sounds very worthwhile, with many different services available for those in need.

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