Matteo’s YPI Service Reflection

The organization my group and I choose for our service learning project was, Hot Bread Kitchen. Hot Bread Kitchen is a non-profit organization in which immigrant women attend classes to learn about the culinary industry and be educating on how to find a well-paid job. While being educated and learning about jobs, the woman also cook breads that the Hot Bread Kitchen then sells to help pay for the women’s educations. In addition to teaching women, they also have another program, the Hot Bread Kitchen Incubator, that supplies small business with kitchen space at an affordable rate and financial advice. There are several examples of business’ that have succeed due to Hot Bread Kitchen’s assistance some of them being: Taste of Ethiopia, NY Cakepops, and Jam Jar Bakery. Overall, Hot Bread Kitchen focusses on an important social issue, which is immigration.

The whole YPI Servicing Learning project taught me many important things. Firstly, learning about immigration made me more aware of the difficulties one faces when moving to New York City. During the course of the project, I always felt interested and dedicated to educating myself about this social issue. Like all projects, there were some things I found difficult and other things less difficult. One thing that I believe was challenging was finding statistics about immigration in New York City, which really emphasized how uncovered this issue actually is and how more people need to learn about the struggles one faces when moving here. Although I found some things challenging, the project ended up being very rewarding. One of the most rewarding things from this project was becoming more aware of the actual problems in New York City, rather than hearing about problems in other parts of the world. One part of the project that I found interesting me was the site visit. When we visited the Hot Bread Kitchen seeing the women actually make the bread, seeing small business’ working, and even getting a tour of the actual headquarters made me feel like I got to understand the hardships that one faces in New York City, especially for immigrants. Overall, the YPI service learning project allowed me to see that even by just making others aware of problems in New York City can make a difference.

Here are a few pictures from my group’s site visit:




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  1. Matteo, Thank you for this very eloquent description of the Hot Break project. I appreciate the sense of empathy for new immigrants that you convey. I love the photos, too–clearly, they are teaching a worthwhile skill!

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