Michael Lowe’s Experience with Empty Bowls


Last week was the culmination of the year-long efforts of Friends Seminary Empty Bowls. Empty Bowls worked with the entire community all year long and organized an Ice Cream Social as a fundraiser for Share Our Strength. As a student volunteer, I saw the smiles on kids faces as they ordered ice cream sundaes, parents as they admired the bowls, and everyone who attended as they all helped raise almost $1000 for the fight against hunger. I truly valued the commitment of each and every person who helped in some way and I’m looking forward to bringing in more help from the Friends Community to make this organization even more successful event next year.

One thought on “Michael Lowe’s Experience with Empty Bowls

  1. Michael, I love the way you describe this project in terms of smiles on people’s faces. I certainly have a smile on my face reading that $1000 was raised. That is a substantive amount of money. I also appreciated your announcements at Middle School Meeting. Well done!

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