Max Hoffmann’s Service Reflection

At the end of January a small group of students from our Statistics class participated in a homelessness surgery at midnight. An organization called HOPE hosts this survey annually and finds participants throughout the city. Our quest started at midnight, where we met other participants at a large public school downtown. There we were separated into smaller groups and given location assignments, my group was assigned to the Gramercy/Lower East side area. After we set out to our location, we were instructed to ask everyone we came across if they were homeless and if they were; we asked them a series of questions. While most people either ignored us or were offended by our insinuation; we were actually able to aid some homeless people. At the end of the night, although being very cold and tired; I genuinely felt that I did something helpful.

One thought on “Max Hoffmann’s Service Reflection

  1. Max, thank you for doing this. I didn’t realize that this was starting at midnight. It must have been a bit eerie at times. This is such an important issue that is in dire need of solutions. It’s so good that you and your classmates were willing to do something to work towards making people’s lives better.

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