Raina’s Service Reflection

This January a large group of kids from my Stats class went out with the Hope Foundation to count homeless people for a citywide statistic.  We had to go around from 10 to 2:30 in the morning and keep track of homeless people and ask them if they want us to call them help to go to a shelter.  Every time we passed someone we had to ask, “Do you have a place to sleep tonight?” “Do you have a permanent residence?” and other questions of that manner. My group was in an area around Washington Square Park and it was very disturbing to see how many homeless people were out.  None of the people who said they didn’t have a place to sleep tonight asked us to call a shelter, which was very interesting for us.  It was freezing the night we went out and so sad to see all these people without a place to sleep.  I think the Hope Foundation is very cool because it definitely makes people aware of the serious problem our city has with homelessness.


One thought on “Raina’s Service Reflection

  1. Raina, I appreciated reading your thoughtful post on your work with the Hope Project. I wonder why no one who needed shelter asked for it. It’s great that you and your class mates gave of your time to help this important organization.

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