Shiraz’s Service Reflection

Earlier this month, I helped make bowls for the Empty Bowls project. The Empty Bowls Project is an effort to end hunger and raise awareness of how people are starving in the world.  People make bowls that are sold to raise money for hunger fighthing organizations.

I enjoyed making the bowls because personally, I love art and making things with my hands. However, I wonder weather giving money to charity is as helpful as directly working with people who live in poverty and hunger. However, Empty Bowls (and the movie screened after the Empty Bowls event) does effectively raise awareness to the issue of world hunger. I look forward to making more bowls in the coming school year.

One thought on “Shiraz’s Service Reflection

  1. Shiraz, I was so impressed by how beautiful the bowls were. This is an extremely worthwhile service project. Thank you for being a part of it.

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