Anna Lee’s Service Reflection: 9C Community Garden

On two Sundays during April and May, I volunteered at the 9C Community Garden in the East Village. It is a garden on Avenue C between 9th and 10th streets where people who live in the neighborhood, such as Christel Johnson, keep up individual plots. I helped clean up the garden by picking up small pieces of trash, pulling up weeds, and reorganizing brick structures.

The first plot that we worked on belonged to a member of the community who was no longer able to work on it herself. It was rewarding to know that we could help just by doing small tasks to keep up her plot for her. We pulled up weeds, placed them in a wheelbarrow, and then chopped them up for composting.

I started this volunteer experience knowing very little about plants and gardening, and by the end of the second day I could identify which plants were good and healthy and which were harmful weeds. I really enjoyed this service work because it was what I think service should be: fun and rewarding. With lots of homework and studying to do at home, it was nice to have a break outdoors, helping out in a peaceful community garden.

One thought on “Anna Lee’s Service Reflection: 9C Community Garden

  1. Anna, what a peaceful and kind way to spend some time on weekends. I can imagine that it meant the world to the individual who was not able to keep up her plot on her own. These community gardens are a big part of what keeps this city human. Brava!

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