Annie Larkin’s Experience Working at GO Project

For six saturdays spanning October to December I volunteered at the GO project. I was located in a third grade classroom at LREI, helping teach 12 or so eight year olds, sometimes less depending on the day. I arrived at 9:15, set-up with the teacher, Jennifer, then helped teach the kids until around 12:45.

I loved fworking with the kids. All of them are from low income families and struggle during school with reading, spelling, and math. Every saturday we would give them different exercises to work on their skills. It was incredible to see the kids grow and learn. Many of them improved greatly with more specialized attention, which they weren’t receiving during school. I looked forward to working with the kids every saturday, and I definitely plan to volunteer next year.

One thought on “Annie Larkin’s Experience Working at GO Project

  1. Annie, I enjoyed reading your description of working with the GO project students. Six Saturdays is a significant commitment of time. That “individual attention” that you mention is so important to these young people. I look forward to hearing more about this as you continue to volunteer in the future.

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