Scott’s Reflection on DRA

This year’s dancers responding to aids concert was different than any other I have taken a part of. I really enjoyed the process that I went through to create work for this concert because it was so much more involved than I have ever been. Up until this year, I identified as a dancer, but after this concert I identify as a dancer-choreographer. The process of creating work was amazing and unique and allowed me to be creative in a way that i never have before. Dance is a medium in which you can make a statement without saying a word. There is no guarantee that your audience will understand your statement, but that does not stop dancers and choreographers from making their statements. We go out onto the stage to try and tell a story or talk about an idea because it propels us to move others.

Knowing that the proceeds of the event went to people living with aids, made the concert all the more meaningful. The aids epidemic ravaged this country in a way that very few other events have, and that loss was especially felt in the artistic communities. Being able to raise money for people living with this terrible disease, makes me feel as though I have given back to a community that has already given me so much. This year’s Dancers Responding To Aids concert was especially meaningful because of the people we were able to help, and the opportunity I was given to create.


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  1. Scott, what a well written comment on your involvement with the Dancers Responding to Aids concert. This was a beautiful concert and the performers’ consciousness of it as more than “just” an artistic statement, but as an event that had a core of compassion, came through powerfully. Thank you for taking a leadership role.

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