YPI: The GO Project

Declan Smith

The social issue my group and I researched was the quality of public youth education in New York City. We found that the New York City public schools are not where they need to be. We found that an astounding 354 received a C rating, 79 received a D rating, and 32 received an F rating. We thought that these numbers were too high and the children in these schools need to be helped. We did research on different ways to help, and finally ended up with supplemental classes. Next we did research on different non-profit organizations and decided to try and help the Grace Opportunity Project, or the GO Project.

The GO Project is a small non-profit that started when a Grace Church School partitioner and a Grace parent saw the low quality of the public schools and how nice the private schools were. They decided to make a group that taught or tutored children enrolled a few local public on Saturdays. These were underprivileged students that were doing sub-average in sub-average schools. The GO Project in a donated classroom in Grace and a $3,000 grant. Today the GO Project uses classrooms in four local private schools and serves around 330 students on both Saturdays and for five weeks in the summer.
I think that the most part of the project was the site visit. There I saw a group a normal children who are spending half their Saturdays and 5 weeks of their summer trying to better their education. These kids were no different that any other kids, yet they were dedicated to doing better in their classes. And the fact that they perform better in their normal classes gives me a sense of extreme reward.

Now that YPI is over I still can continue to help these children. On Saturdays I can volunteer and help with the classes. Another way I can keep helping these kids is to intern with GO over the summer and teach the kids for 5 weeks during the summer. Finally yet another way to help out these children is to spread the word about them, the GO Project and try and get people to help.

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  1. Declan, Thank you for this very detailed description of all that you learned about the GO project. I look forward to hearing more from you at some point if you do get a chance to do more work with the GO project. It’s great that you got to see the program in action.

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