Emma Rose’s Service Reflection

This past winter, about twenty Friends Students participated in the God’s Love We Deliver 21st annual “Race to Deliver”. It was a four mile race in Central Park to raise money for GLWD, an organization ┬áthat delivers meals to people who cannot cook their own meals or leave the house to buy food. The race started at about eight in the morning. We all congregated near the starting point and collected our t-shirts and numbers. It was freezing outside, about 25 degrees, but we all came with our donations, ready to run the race.

Between our numb fingertips and the frozen water at pit stops along the way, it was no easy feat. But, we all finished the race in between 30 (the students on the track team) and 5o minutes. It was a really great experience to see hundreds of New Yorkers banding together to support GLWD. It was amazing to have such a large group of people united by their desire to help out as well as the cold. There were no complaints of the unfortunate weather because everyone knew that they were there for a purpose larger than just running a race.

One thought on “Emma Rose’s Service Reflection

  1. Thank you, Emma, for this spirited description of the GLWD Race to Deliver! I enjoyed the details about the frozen fingertips and the frozen water! Most of all, I appreciate the fact that you gave most of an entire day to supporting this wonderful cause.

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