Olivia Boreham-Wing’s service reflection

Last Saturday, I helped with check in at the reunion held at Friends. I did not expect to be as inspired as I did by all of the alumni–what they have gone on to do with their lives after Friends, and the memories that they had from the school. A couple of the alumni even began tearing up when they arrived, after either seeing the massive changes in the school since they were here or simply the flood of memories that came when they walked in. I hope that I was able to make an impact on the alumni by showing them what a current Friends Seminary student is like–something that I am extremely proud to call myself. Being a new student this year, I have really felt such a sense of community, and I hope that I, too, like the alumni, will return to Friends one day and remember that unique sense of community as they did. Seeing how fondly they remembered the school and their time here inspired me to make the most of my time at Friends, as I know that I will remember it as fondly after I graduate.

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