Akhil’s Big Fat Service Day Experience

A few weeks ago, I participated in Friends Seminary’s annual Big Fat Service Day. I had lots of fun working with students of all ages at the school, from Seniors to 4th graders. I started in the morning with preparing meals for guests of the Friends Shelter, as well as coloring birthday cards for God’s Love We Deliver. Then there was a half-hour break for lunch; however, I did not feel as though I was in dire need of nutrition, so a few seniors and I decided to go and make rainbow loom bracelets. At first ┬ánone of us had the slightest idea of how to do make these bracelets; however, with the help of the rest of the community (middle schoolers and parent chaperons), we were able to make a total of 56 bracelets. I then went down to the ceramics room, where a bunch of people were making pottery bowls for Empty Bowl’s anti-hunger event that would take place later in May. I had taken ceramics as a visual art during this year’s first semester, so I was pretty experienced in making bowls, and continually sought to help out with much younger kids who were eager to make them. While of course I at first would not have considered service at Friends to be the ideal way to start a Saturday, I had lots of fun and learned a lot from the day. I realized how effective and efficient working as a community is, and how fun it can be to do service and help out others who are not as privileged as us.

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  1. Akhil, this sounds like a lot of fun. I so appreciate the fact that you helped the younger children make some bowls. I know from my own disastrous interactions with pottery that it is by no means all that easy to make a nice looking bowl. The younger children must have been so proud of their bowls. The fund raiser that the bowls were part of turned out to be very successful. It’s nice to get a glimpse of one part of how this got started. Great post!

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