Akhil’s Service Reflection

On Tuesday, April 29, I and the rest of my grade of sophomores partnered with Scenic Hudson for Service Day. Scenic Hudson is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Hudson River and the Hudson River Valley. We arrived slightly early to school that day, at 8 am in the Meetinghouse, and we sat by advisory. We were then placed into buses and drove off to Beacon, specifically, Long Dock Park, where we met the Scenic Hudson Staff and divided into working groups, once again organized by advisory. Along with a few of my fellow advisees, we took a long walk across a path, where we primarily focused on picking up pieces of trash and litter that was so carelessly left. Since there was lots of trash and it was a long path, the entire process of picking up trash took at least an hour or two. After the long walk, we headed back to where we first began, and had lunch with the rest of the grade nearby. After lunch, we went back to work, this time raking leaves and cutting branches. It was slightly less organized after lunch, and I split up to work with fellow students outside my advisory. After a couple of strenuous hours of work cutting branches and raking leaves, we all left Scenic Hudson and returned to school.

I had lots of fun during Service Day. I found that doing community service can be fun and all you need is a positive mental attitude for it to be so. I had lots of fun talking with a bunch of other students I don’t often talk to, and also with some of my fellow advisees. It seemed as though once our grade worked as a community to accomplish multiple and various tasks at hand, nothing could prevent us from doing so. Service Day was a great experience for me and I look forward to participating in it next year.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this enthusiastic description of the service work in at Scenic Hudson. Sounds like it takes a lot of work to keep the Hudson truly “scenic.” I love that you took that opportunity to talk to students you don’t usually get to spend much time with.

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