Hana Koob’s Service Reflection

For part of my service requirement this year, I volunteered as a peer tutor in chemistry, though we sometimes worked on math (Algebra II). Although this is my third year being a peer tutor, it is my second year tutoring in chemistry and first year tutoring in Algebra II. During our weekly sessions we reviewed for tests, worked on homework or lab reports, and went over any confusing concepts.

Being a peer tutor taught me how to articulate various concepts: I found that it is very helpful to use examples and to have the student explain the concept to you in their own words. It was meaningful to work in the community and to see that I was really helping another student learn. I could see the difference between what the student understood at the beginning of the session and what the student understood by the end of the session. I have always enjoyed volunteering as a peer tutor at Friends and hope to continue working in the field of education in the future.

One thought on “Hana Koob’s Service Reflection

  1. Hannah, It is nice to know that you are a peer tutor. I can tell from your post that you put a lot of thought and care into helping other students with these challenging subjects. Brava for being so committed to this important part of our life at school.

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