Annabelle’s Service Reflection

On service day 2014, my advisory went to a NYC food bank. We took the subway out to Harlem and worked in the pantry section, organizing boxed and canned goods. Each member of our advisory had a specific station in the little food supply area and for about two hours, we each stayed in our designated spot, helping the customers choose which goods they wanted and giving them the appropriate amount for their family.

This experience was very touching as we saw a variety of different people come in to shop, including single elders and families with young children. It was crazy to see how we were only allowed to give a certain amount of food to each customer according to the food bank’s policies.  It was especially tough denying some of the shoppers when they were begging us to sneak them an extra can of beans or an extra carton of milk.

However, overall, I really enjoyed working at the food bank because we got to interact with the people, which made me feel like I was actually contributing to the community. We furthermore got to experience what it was like for some of those low-income families who had to carefully and strategically pick out their week’s supply of food from very limited choices.  IMG_6840

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  1. Annabelle, I appreciate your very thoughtful description of your work at the Food Bank, especially your second paragraph, where you convey such a sensitive grasp of what it is like for people to have to use this service. For too many New Yorkers, soup kitchens and community pantries are literally the difference between eating and not eating. It is so important that those of us who can help out do so in a compassionate manner.

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