Beau’s Service Reflection

Beau Mackenzie

Jamie Lieberman

History 9


YPI Service Learning Reflection

            Before my group started researching illiteracy and went to Reading Partners, I did not think that illiteracy was an important issue at all. I thought that we were not going to be taken seriously as there are many other more saddening and personally effecting issues. However, as I begun to study the issue I realized that illiteracy is a very striking and prominent issue in the world today. Not only is it a social issue around the world, but as I found out it was very prominent in New York. I did not like the fact that the city I live in had low literacy rates compared to other cities across the U.S. This made me really try to win the $5,000 grant, whereas before I did not have motivation to do well and put in a good amount of effort into this project.

I found that a big challenge during the project was working together in groups. It was hard to bring the group back together after we had disagreed on something important. We realized that we had to work together if we wanted to have a successful presentation and show that our social issue is important. It was also challenging in a big group to have everybody pay attention. There were often side conversations which distracted the group from working as a team, and we could have done better if we had focused more often.

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  1. Beau, this is a very honest and thoughtful reflection. You have touched on the challenges of collaboration as well as the importance of the goal. It is always a shock to me to read about how high the illiteracy rate is NYC–I agree, it is unacceptable that a city as rich as NYC with all its resources should have people living here who have not gotten the educational support to learn to read and write effectively. Kudos to you for being devoted to help solve this problem.

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