Judah’s Service Reflection

On Friday May 2nd after school I volunteered to help set up for the Spring Fair happening the next day. Initially, my service consisted mostly of moving tables and boxes. At about 4 I started working on decorating the Lobby for the next morning. This first consisted of putting brown paper up around the entire lobby so that we could paint on the paper. After we put the paper on the wholes we began tracing an outline for what the mural would look like. For the next few years we proceeded to paint the mural. This began by filling in the outlines with different colors of paint. Then we went over the outline in dark paint to make the outlines of the building very clear. The final step was to go back over in different colors and paint in the tiny details.

The next day coming back to school it was very nice to see all the little kids and parents commenting on how nice the lobby was. It was enjoyable to be able to do something that made the little kids days slightly better. The coolest thing about painting the mural was seeing how much the lobby transformed and how far we had come. We were able to completely transform the lobby and create a completely different experience for the kinds in only a short period of time.



One thought on “Judah’s Service Reflection

  1. Way to go, Judah! Love the photos. These wonderful community events absolutely depend on people like you who are willing to roll up their sleeves and spend a whole day making things happen.

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