Nick’s Service Day Reflection

On Tuesday, April 19, my advisory went to the New York Common Pantry. We took the 6 train to the Pantry and almost instantly began working. We were broken up into groups of two, with each group being assigned a different task around the pantry. The jobs included stacking, creating assorted food bags to give out, organizing, and more.

Working at the New York Common Pantry was not only a fun experience, but also was a meaningful one as well. I learned how some single mothers come to the pantry with as many as 14 children to feed, and how this pantry has played such a major role in its area. It’s a job that requires constant effort, and proved to me how willing the people working at the Pantry are to do this everyday.



One thought on “Nick’s Service Day Reflection

  1. Great post, Nick. Being a part of the inside workings of a food support program requires muscle and compassion. It’s great that you were willing to throw yourself into this worthwhile program with such energy.

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