Daniele’s Service Reflection

During Community Service Day at school my grade went to Yonkers to work with an organization called “AFYA“. We worked in their warehouse organizing donated medical supplies. It was incredibly fun working with my grade in the warehouse then eating lunch together.

What I learned about AFYA was that we were working in their main warehouse that receives huge shipments of  donated medical supplies. Additionally, we were preforming the first (of many) sorting of the medical supplies.

Volunteers play a large role in making AFYA’s job of sorting the immense amount of very different types of medical supplies. Volunteers not only lend extra hands to AFYA but helps them realize its mission by showing that many people support the cause they do.

I would absolutely recommend this organization to others who want to volunteer because it is not only hard work and a workout on ones brain and body, but it’s fun to sort the supplies with others and it brought me closer to my classmates and I’m sure it can bring you closer to whoever you volunteer and work with at AFYA.

2 thoughts on “Daniele’s Service Reflection

  1. I appreciate learning about this organization. What an impressive list of accomplishments on their website! Sounds like a very worthwhile donation of your energy, Danielle.

  2. Daniele,
    You need to provide more of a reflection. Some possibilities to add to your post are:
    What did you learn about AFYA?
    What do you think about the role volunteers play in helping AFYA realize its mission?
    Would you recommend this organization to others who want to volunteer? Why?

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