Nina Patricof’s Service Reflection

Over the course of the last few weeks. I did a lot of work helping with the empty bowls project. I helped to glaze a lot of pottery and then helped sell the bowls at the big Empty Bowls Ice Cream Social. This event was a lot of fun because I am in pottery class at school so it was great to combine something that I really enjoy with getting my service done. It was also great to see how excited kids and parents got when they saw all the work we had done. Empty bowls donates the money earned from selling the pots to Hunger in the US. I personally think that hunger in our nation is such an important issue so I was so happy to help out. This was such a rewarding activity and I am so happy I got to be a part of it! f

One thought on “Nina Patricof’s Service Reflection

  1. Nina,
    I too really appreciated how this initiative combined the pottery with the service. The organization we partnered with is called Shareour Strength. I don’t know if you were able to stick around to hear the speaker but he really provided a lot of information about how NYC children who rely on the free-lunch at school for their main nutritional meal struggle during the summer. Our proceeds will be going to a mobile food truck project that will go out into targeted neighborhoods to provide lunches. I thought the food truck was an innovative solution to that problem. Glad the Friends community could be a part of the support for that initiative. Thanks for participating in Empty Bowls. We will be doing it as an annual event. Hope you participate again next year and recruit more students to get involved. Have a great summer.

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