Dana’s Service Reflection

Throughout this year, I attended several meetings and became a part of the young women’s collation “Stop Slut” with three other sophomores, Soren Grunder, India Woolmington and Willa CT. The organizers of the Stop Slut conference, Katie Cappiello & Meg McInerney who are the founders and directors of The Arts Effect NYC, are committed to our understanding and critiquing the ways the word “slut” is used to target women in society. In the collation, we were split into groups based on school and challenged to create our own project to raise awareness about the negative impact of the word slut. The Friends Seminary group began our project by interviewing New York City locals in Union Square for a short film we are in the process of creating. This experience was eye opening to see the wide range of answers to the questions and scenarios we posed to a diverse group of people.

Here’s a short clip from our first day working in Union Square:

Overall, I’ve loved working with the Stop Slut coalition and have learned so much about important and prevalent issues in society such as trafficking and slut shaming. It’s such an amazing environment to be around girls our age who are as passionate about these issues as we are.

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  1. I love the clip and can’t wait to see the short film. I am so glad you have learned so much through the Stop Slut coalition. What a worthwhile cause to which to give your time and talents. I’d love to consider how we might highlight the Stop Slut’s work at school.

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