Gio’s Service Reflection

This past year I have been volunteering at GO Project almost every saturday. GO Project is an organization that provides school services on Saturdays and during the summer for kids who attend public school. Not only does GO provide learning to the kids, it goes further than that and reaches out to the families; they have workshops each weekend for the parents to attend on a range of subjects. I spent my time helping out in a 4th grade classroom, and though at times it was difficult, it was equally amazing to see the progress the kids had made by the end of the year. I became really close with not only the students, but with the other volunteers and the head teacher of my classroom.

I also became part of two committees at GO Project; the Student Sub-Committee and the GO Getters. The GO Getters is a year round program, that is made up of high school students who volunteer at GO, in which we discuss increasing visibility of GO Project, whether it be through fundraisers or recruiting volunteers, and also continuing discussions on educational equity, and how it effects our community. The Student Sub-Committee, also made up of high school students, focuses on similar topics, however we go more deeply into connecting the students of GO Project and the students at the host schools. Educational equity has become something I am really interested in, and having two groups of students from varying high schools  to have open discussions about that topic has been really liberating.

The GO Project has been a large part of my life this year, and it has been equally challenging as rewarding!

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