Jayson’s Service Reflection

The social issue that I chose to research was early education for children from families under or near the poverty line. The non profit that my group and I visited was the Children’s Aid Society. They have many programs but we chose to focus on their early education programs. Before we researched the project I did not fully understand how serious the lack of early education was for these children. I did not think about how this issue tied into many other issues in society today. Early education greatly affects a child’s future and New York City in general. I also saw how important the education in the first five years of a child’s life, and their brain goes through the most growth in this time. I learned that without the proper education children are more likely to commit crimes in the future, fall back into poverty, and other things that affect their lives and the community.

There are many ways I could stay connected with the Children’s Aid Society. Even though most of the early education program is made up of paid teachers and social workers there are still many volunteers. I could volunteer to help the teachers in the classrooms that they have in the target neighborhoods. I could also help look after the kids while they are playing in the classrooms or during their lunch times. I could also help without physically going to their classroom locations. I could donate materials that I have from when I was younger, like toys, children’s books and other things that they need in their classrooms or help raise money for the organization. Other classmates and I could organize a book drive or toy drive to gather the materials and donate them to the Children’s Aid Society.


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