Coda’s Experience Teaching Latin at Friends

Over last summer, from the second week of July to the third week of August, I tutored a few incoming freshmen students for the Friends Seminary Latin program. These freshman had never taken Latin before; however, since there was such a large volume of them, the administration was unwilling to place them all into Latin I, an eighth-grade class. Thus, they asked me (along with Catherine Lucey) to give these students an accelerated version of Latin I in two months. The program met four times a week from 10 to 1. I created a syllabus to follow based on the instructions and materials that I had received from Christel, which ranged from 1A to 2B in the Reading Latin text. This included all five declensions of nouns, basic uses of the different cases, all five conjugations of active verbs, an introduction to deponent verbs, and a large portion of vocabulary.

I administered lessons that taught this material; in addition, I also gave and graded several tests for each student. There were also portions of the class where I had the students translate a modified version of the Latin text of Aulularia, which tells the adventures and misfortunes of the miser Euclio who stumbles across a pot of gold that his grandfather buried, into English. I staggered the class so that some of them would be working on translating (with my helping) and others would receive a lesson from me.

I believe the program was a success and allowed several students to make an easeful transition into Latin II. Indeed, the program will be run again this summer, once again headed by me, now as an employee. I hope that I can continue to enrich and improve the Latin summer program, which hopefully may be extended to other languages, so that incoming students at Friends Seminary can receive the most they possibly can in their four years.

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