Elinor’s experience with Knit Witts


Nell Pearson and I started the activity Knit Witts this year to help students learn how to knit and increase their knitting skills while giving to charity. We are currently making a quilt (out of squares that our members have made), hats and scarves to send to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. We are working through an organization called afghans for afghans. This was a really fun way to complete my out-of-school service hours. We gathered every other friday and knit as we watched interesting documentaries, videos or just talked. It was essentially an old lady knitting circle–which was awesome.

A lot of times while I am doing service I wonder what the actual impact is of my efforts. With Knit Witts, I have real faith in the organization and understand that this knitwear will go to people who actually need it to keep warm. It is also very fulfilling to actually make something. With the time it takes to knit each item alone, it is clear the immense effort and care that each item carries. I often donate to charity, or bring things in for a charity drive, but there is something so special to sending something that you made on your own. Nell and I looked at a lot of places to send our knitwear and thought Afghans for Afghans was the clear best choice. At Friends Seminary, we learn about how awful war is in history class and the active protests of the 60s but I often forget that there is a war going on right now. The organization gives us a real chance to connect and help the civilians and families there who have been devastated by this war. I really enjoyed knitting hats and squares for these people in need and cannot wait to continue this next year.


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