Jack’s Experience at the Rummage Sale

Earlier this year, I worked at the Friends Rummage Sale. At the Rummage Sale, various pre-owned items were sold to people. Clothing, appliances, books, games, toys, and furniture were all donated to the rummage sale. These items were then individually priced and sold by volunteers, most of whom were Friends parents and alumni. For the first hour, donations where sorted, being placed in respective areas based on what kind of category they fit into. They were separated into clothing, games, jewelry, furniture and appliances, and odds and ends. After an hour, once everything was sorted, people came into the rummage sale and started shopping, and volunteers started to sell the donations.

At this event, I first carried chairs into the outer courtyard as space for donations. Then I sorted through clothing, putting them in specific groups depending in gender, age, size, and the type of clothing. After people were let in, I helped to sell the donations and I helped with pricing. This event taught be about some of the basic principals of business, and it am glad to have helped the Friends community.

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