Jamie Mace’s Service Reflection

For my in-school service I participated in the Friends Seminary “Older Friends” program. Specifically, I helped organize the new student orientation day, which occurs a few days before the beginning of school. New student older friends met with Jen Blum at 7:30 the day before Freshman orientation to plan the day’s events. We discussed ways in which we could make new students feel more comfortable in their new environment. We planned various group activities that sought to alleviate students’ anxiety surrounding feelings of judgement. The orientation day ended up being fun for everybody and I learned a lot about facilitating group activities. My co-older friend was Kira Felsenfeld. After a month of school had passed we met with our younger friend group to discuss their first month and to offer up more advice for the future. It was really rewarding to see that even after several months of Freshman year my younger friends still greeted me in the hallways. I hope that I successfully helped them transition to high school in any way that I could. Thank you to Jen Blum for putting the whole thing together. I hope Friends continues this program going forward.


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