Luke’s Experience with Cleaning up the Hudson River

On the day of service that the school set up we went upstate to work with people committed to help preserve the Hudson River, the wildlife within it, and the nature surrounding it.  After a long bus ride, nearly two hours long, we finally arrived.  We split up by advisory and my advisory was assigned with the task of cleaning up the edge of the river, i.e. picking up trash.  We put all of the trash that was either in the river or beside it into trash bags, and then gave them to the people working there.  We picked up everything from beer cans to loose string, but regardless of what we found or how much we found we were aiding others’ in the attempt to clean up the Hudson River.

Looking back on the process I am actually really glad that I was able to partake in such an experience.  As a New Yorker I know how polluted the Hudson River is and although it may have seemed tedious and even boring at times during the event, looking back I am happy to know that I helped clean up the river that I, along with thousands of others, see every day, even if it was a small amount.


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